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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 11, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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a murder suspect in northernthen virginia. the victim an elderly man foundu in his own backyard. they didn't even an eve ambulance close much thenc hospital right up street. street >> fox5 exclusive. southeast neighborhood rallyingb for a gunshot vision tim who had to wait nearly 30 minutes for aa ambulance.ambulance. we'll have a live a >> i cannot believe how civil hc it's been up here.. >> kindler gentler gop debate gb while the tone was low key the stakes wouldn't be higher. plus donald trump picking uptr another key endorsement. ♪ and later, move over beiberr the first family welcome the nen most popular justin from canada or for state dinner and it was a star-studded even at the whitent house. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> it's pay day.>> is pa hallelujah. >> wahoo! >> you needed reminding?emindi >> my goodness. >> i need an alarm.. >> you
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>> i have bills to pay. to >> we're on the group chat. cha knee and annie. a >> thanks for staying with us wu for good it's march 11th. i'm steve allison -- maureenen annie is here.. holly will be back on monday. ma wis psalm dom is off today doini lord knows what. >> first at 9:00 let's talk00 about the weather.e weath oh, no. >> let's up talk about thebout president and the first lady fil this is --- >> which one is which. >> steve says the female isays usually larger, right?ht? >> >> typically. >> okay. with no -- >> we do. >> okay. >> a lot of activity with that t eagle cam. we'll be popping in on that t first eagle family all morning long. okay.>> it's been great weather. weath we might get little rain today. as sunny right now. now >> not today i don't think. ink >> the rain is gone. >> showers earlier but now it's' gone. >> is it done.>> >> it's done.. >> ♪ the sun will come outome tomorrow ♪ >> that's so pretty annie. a >> go on.n. by all means don't
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you. >> gary, over to you. gar >> rain is out of here. o of he .kay. we're dry the rest of the day.rh what we're waiting for is a for little bit of sunshine coming cn our way. w. we've got these winds coming inm from the north and northwest. nr it's will ill bill breezy ay little bit not too terribly bad.. sustained winds up to the northh and west five, six, 7 miles an n hour.ho stronger here in town.. there's an occasional gustan little pocket of stronger windse right up see where we color rise that tht southern pa little strongeronger there. these will come on through. thr i do expect as we progressgress through the day we'll continue i to be a little bit on the breezy side.side. temperatures now 62 here in in quantico is 64. pretty nice saturday. satday. we'll go sunshine tomorrowom morning to clouds in thelouds in afternoon. the rain will hold off until sunday. it definitely looks moreefin unsettled on season day, butdayt just some showers and right nown they look like they're going toe be few and far between on sund sunday. 65 tomorrow again increasingn clouds. 70 on sunday. on so even with the clouds andlo ad showers, it's not going to beoio too terribly bad and let me just
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not a wash out. o we're talking about a few showers drifting through theing area so lots of things going oni this weekend and i'll tell was,, expected to be, you know, prette good.go. pretty good. goo 60s 70s on march weekend thatket ain't bad.t ba >> we'll take it. we'll take >> expect the best.t the best. >> thank you.>> thank >> thank you gary. t >> we are on top of breaking news this morning.orni a couple of stories to talkf str about. two deadly mysteries unfolding i today. >> terrible discovery was made d in fairfax county that scene yoe see there on the left more onor that in moment much on the righr the scene in d.c. right now aigw man shot just few hours a now the investigation on 44th street northeast bringing outri the dc police chief and our bob barnard is there with breaking details. hey, bob wawa can you tell us.os >> reporter: good morning. chief lanier just left here.efth we got our information from the david taylor the sixth districtc police commander. com this is looking down the blockgk here at 44th street just off sheriff road. r what commander taylor is telline me is that police responded to
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5:00 o'clock this morning.. reports of the sound of gunfire and so police came out here. o h they did find some shell casingg but that was it. was i so they left. the at 7:00 o'clock this morning,s they got a report of a man down on the ground about a block orlo so down the street here betweenn some houses.ou when police got here, they didy find an adult male suffering sui from several gunshot wounds.ou he was dead. d and now this is a murder mde whoever did this is gone. is g what it was all about, they, t don't know.. but this did bring out the police chief.hief. she's just left.she's just lef but as you can see here, a number of investigators talkingk to people to see if they caney figure out what happened.ut whap but, again, shooting at 5:00 at a.m.a.m. victim found at 7:00 a.m. andnd now there is this murder m investigation here in northeasta d.c. sheriff road 44th street just js off 295 near annie helenelen bureaus.bureau so this is the scene here, guysg only this street is closed righd so traffic moving all right init the area despite what's happenee
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>> bob, do we know why the knowy police chief was there? t anything special? any extra exa details to this that might drawi the chief out to this particulau scene? >> reporter: no, we don't, d steve. i think just the fact thatt tha there's a murder bright andt early. she didn't say anything to us.go we don't know if she was perhaps cruising in the area and iar happened to come by or whetherhe she was called out here. h we don't know if the victim is anyone significant other thantht someone who was loved by peoplee and who is now dead. d but we're not really sure whyhy she came here and again shega didn't speak to us but the locac district commander did. d >> all right, bob, thanks.nk check back in with bob through w out the show. five past the the other story we've beeneen following this morning comesisoi from fairfax county. fairf cou >> an elderly man's body is bods found overnight in the backyardy of a home in the mason neck aree down near the potomac river.. fox5's melanie alnwick is theres with an update on this death dea investigation.stig mel, was this the gentleman'stlm backyard that he was found in? i >> reporter: yes, it was. so a lot of informa
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started to come together thatert fairfax county police have beene able to release to the media.. including they are now calling l this a homicide.ide and they have release the theret name of the victim he is 83-year-old joanne delee d neighbors didn't know him wellil but they did see him walking upu and down the street from time to time and they tell us his formei career before he retired many years ago was with the worldld bank. ba now the call came in to fairfaxf county police around 1:03 this a 911 call and when policewhen arrived, they said that he washs found unconscious in theus backyard.backyard. it was a resident of the another resident of the home t h that called 911.d 911 that other resident was not the man was taken tjuo thehe hospital but he was dead uponn rifle.ri now coincidentally, right around the same time fairfax countyfaiu police say another 911 call came in from the neighborhood someonm reporting that they had heard h mull pell gunshots.unot another person telling
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like four or five in row and then a pause and then four or ao five morure gunshots. but police haven't absolutelybsy connected those two. but this is a pretty quiet qet neighborhood.hb not a lot happens down here in the mason neck area. very quiet peninsula this t enclave of only about 200 or so homes south of gunston hall and poe hick bay park. par police did search withwit helicopters and k9s.. they are continuing to work heer here. so one last interesting thingtee that i can tell you. tell y if you look here down the streer where the homes are are investigators are gathere gathee want to the on the outer side ad little bit.le one of things we are now learning is that initially wetiy thought this scene was going too be cleared very soon.leery it sound like they might open mo the street awhile later but itt sounds like investigators aretoa going tock working not only n o outside the house but inside the house for quite sometime. somet. that is the latest from lorton. i'm melanie alnwick fox5 localcl >> mel, thanks for that. want to turn to politics n another big show of support forp dona t
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today former rival ben carson co will likely endorse the republican front runner.r trump first share the news at nt last night's gop debate a what t difference a debate it w this morning everyone is talkinl about the change in tone. in t no over the top tax. tax. low below hits, none of that o t just steady focus on the issues. >> anyone who tells us that us social security is stay the way it is is lying. lng any politician that goes aroundo saying we don't have to do anything, all we have to do isad raise few taxes are leave he iti the way it is they're not beingb honest with you. >> i will do everything withinwi my power not to touch socialuch security to leave it the way itw is to make this country rich ric again to bring back our jobs tob get rid of deficits, to get rid of waste, fraud and abuse whichw is rampant in this country.ntths >> we need to see political pitc courage to take this on and safe and strengthen social security. >> the tone was low key, thewast stakes were high especially forc marco rubio the future of hisurf campaign likely depends on florida's primary.riry
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the district hold their partyhey convention tomorrow. reps stepped republicans canubcs vote for presidential candidate and delegates who will represene d.c. at the republican nationalt convention in cleveland. >> for details fox5 political pt reporter ronica cleary joins usu live n ronica, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: i'm here at the lose madison mis this will be the place where the republican presidential primaryy convention is going to takeoak place here tomorrow. i'm here with patrick march rahh the executive director ofector washington, d.c.'s republicanepa party. so tell us a little bit about ao why this is important.mpornt also, why is it taking place ple tomorrow?? >> sure. absolutely.abso there's a lot of confusion overr that.. so the d.c. primary is schedulel for june 14th. the republican convention is i scheduled for july 18th thatha puts when we can vote for these offices within 45 days of thes t national convention.vent that's violation of rnc rules r and the rnc doesn't like it ifei you go late or early. e if we went on the regular d.c. d ballot we would lose all our o delegates.delega
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we wanted that keep ourtethat delegates so therefore we're holding an election forio president in the republicanubca primary here at 117,715th street on this saturday between 10:00 and 4:00 and so this is a legitimate republican primary in the district of columbia to elect the president. >> you have 19 delegates and you said those will be distributeded proportionately.op you got to 15% of the vote.e. >> yes. >> tell me a little bit about lt that and i think that people might be strived that 19 s that9 delegates the same i think as hawaii, and making d.c. havee more of a role in this than youu might expect, correct?? >> absolutely. so the interesting thing is sons we were able to do it proportioo natalie which is very unusual,, because historically d.c. iss winner take all which makes us a lot less interesting toesti t presidential canda pretty much any presidentialsi candidate whose on our ballot ii they reach a 15% threshold in votes, they can receive at least one delegate.dat the other thing that you noted t we have 19 as you said, 19 is the same ass hawaii, rhode island it's moret'
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more than all the territoriesero except for puerto rico interestingly we're withinn striking of mazes like new hampshire, puerto rico. places really important in thetn process and that's being decided right here this saturday.. >> and just quick wal kind ofald turn out are you expecting.xpecg >> the range on the turn out t some of its dependent on the o t weather.r. republicans are also -- aren't-e used to coming to one place toco come and vote in the primary.. again, that was something we could not help. hel but we're probably anticipatingt anywhere 22 end 2,000 and 8,0008 people coming out to vote.e. >> patrick, thank you so muchouh for being with us today.g s t >> thank you i think i hear in r my ear ben carson is endorsing donald trump much that's expec expected drum many announcedrunc that yesterday at the debate iti was rumored before but rightut last note's debate donald trump announced that ben carson wouldo be endorsing him. something ted cruz is probablyrl not too happy about today. hap. if you're a registeredou're republican in washington, d.c.wd make sure you got out and vote tomorrow. back to you guys.yoguys >> let's listen in for second. c
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dr. ben carson taking the mikeie from donald trump. >> it's not about the republican party or the democratic party.. it's about the people of america, and what i had been seeing recently is political operatives and parties oncee again trying to assertss themselves and trying to thwarto the will of the people.theeo >> donald trump talking abouttra this last night saying he woulde gape the support of dr. benpof carson. >> which is surprise to a lot of people. ben carson taking on donald odo trump talking about some of his --his >> ben carson saying drum manydr courted his support and he gavee it to to you see him making the announcement that is happening life you can watch it on life ie you like. continue to carry it there. >> mitt wonder if this is a cola al lessing of candidates as thet drop out to get behind donald bo trump who's the front runner atr this point. in this political cycle youcal l never know. >> sometimes -- somehow rather - doubt that.- ub >> we'll see, though.h. don't forget you can't getg enough of this election seasonco fox5 team up with the . f
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this sunday the'sm's editor-in-chief bob cusack wills join ronica and our tom t fitzgerald to talk about the t o candidates, they're campaignse g and the latest debates. dates tune in life on fox5 orox5 o streaming on fox5 that'sa this sunday at 8:30 in the morning. >> all right. a still ahead this morning, sorry, not sorry.. nats slugger bryce harperce hare explaining to espn magazine whyy he's the best player in basebaln and how he might single handedll change the game as we know ite k we'll have highlights from thehe interview and what fans think about it coming up.oming u >> you got to believe ine in yourself.. the extraordinary fight againstt breast cancer. we'll show you how the leukemia and lymphoma society iss celebrating hahn you the organization is helping families in need. 9:13.
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>> it must have been verymu confusing to my kids because they have wrap around all the t time, and then, you know, literally in a day, um, you y know, their dad wasn't here. her they were always forefront in his mind because he wasn't going to miss out on being a dad and d he wasn't going to miss, you you know, the milestone
9:17 am
rob's baseball team decided to d throw an early birthday partythp for our kids who are turningre t thee in objection but we knewiok that he won, you know, be here h to celebrate that. unfortunately, that morning robi woke up and i mean that was really a bad day for him.or h he was not feeling good.. i tried to put myself in shoeses and sit there at your kids third birthday party and knowing thatg you're going to die. d what that day must have beene b like for him. h it was hard for me to watch as wife but i -- i don't know howww we did it. i'm not sure. s well i know how he did i 'cause he loves our kids. >> powerful images. ima >> he wanted to be -- >> smith who lost her husband td
9:18 am
there apologized for any sound issues.. but it's just hard not to be to moved when you watch this video so tomorrow night a great evente that takes place right here in r the district the annual leukemia ball in the past it has raisede millions of dollars for researcs and treatments for blood cance cancers. always brings out really bigng names and fox5 is proud to bes t the partner with the leukemia and lymphoma society to supporto the leukemia ball. b karen smith is here with us to o talk about the pledge she made e pto her husband and her suppors of lls. lls so good to have you in studio.ti >> good to be here. >> you know unless that is yours reality, i fine it hard to watch that clip and not -- and not and feel some sort of emotional tiee to it.. but i imagine you've been've ben through this over and over in a year since rob is gone. gon >> rob has passed away three and aa half years ago.go and it's every time i watch that it's hard for me to watch
9:19 am
but i think it's -- i'm here tot tell the story and, um, i'm really on a mission as a promisp i made to him to help fight forg better treatments for the kind of leukemia that he had.. >> where does that strength come from? you must have powerfulfu message to share. >> really it comes from my kids. you know, our twins were 18e months when he was diagnosed ann he passed away when they -- juss before their third birthday, and i feel like, you know, i owe ito to them and i owe it to rob.t tr i mean when you watch someoneeoe that close to you go through alh the treatment that they wept --w that he went through and justt the pure struggle every day, it, needs to change.ha >> you talked -- we spoke a w little bit before about the isolation that patients feels sometimes or all the time i'dime imagine going through. tough. lots of long days.ays. >> yeah.
9:20 am
leukemia he called a.m. l andnd after he was diagnosed i meangnm literally the next day he was aa inn patient in the hospital, and he had a.m. l from the time he was diagnosed until the time heh passed away for 11 months. so i kind of figured 330 days, you know, of the year and he wae in the hospital $220 of thosehoe and so when someone is dealingei with that kind of intensivent treatment as an inpatient andiea their immuno comprised there'ss very little time for him toitti spend with his kids, with wh family, you know, he couldn'teod work.rk and so all of those things onhig top of dealing with terribleheri diagnosis, you know, thew, treatment is such that, um, you know, he's in the hospital as an inpatient and kind of having to be did he se concluded.clud >> that's one your big things,yg too. more treatment.atment treatment that works.t thator treatment that would save othero families from this pain.. >> yes.>> so it's really -- it really --ea
9:21 am
me. there has not been new treatmenm for a.m. l in over 30 years.. and that is just not -- the nott okay. so the things that we were doine 30 years ago when someone was diagnosed with aml is really the same things we're doing now, and i'm confident that with that organizes such as the lls and l contributing a lot of research dollars that we can do better bt job. job. >> when you think of the medicat advancements in other illness that is have sort of come up ana we've been able to control themt it really is unbelievable.. >> yeah.ea it needs to change. chang other types of leukemia i thinki have had some more recenten advancements and better bette treatments and that same they know needs to happen for a.m. l. >> so lot of money is raised.s a lot of influence in the room on tomorrow for the leukemia ball. we hope some of the that moneyme goes to helping to find a cure. >> yes.. >> tell mow what before we letwe you go how do you keep theee memory of rob alive to your y young kids? >> i
9:22 am
guess photos, for example, myle son is now playing hockey. hockey was a huge passion ofasso rob's.s. and annal ticks in general andel he was having his might hockeyoe tournament last weekend and ie a got out pictures of rob playing hockey as a kid and as a high h school student and he wears rob's hockey jersey around.un. it's photos, it's keeping, youe know, his memory alive.. and every day, you know, i getw, to at least i have my kids. >> i know that rob must haveob s been a fighter and you are hereh a fighter as thank you for coming on today.n >> thanks for having me. >> there are opportunities toppr still by a raffle ticket and gee in and volunteer and donate youu time to lls and i want to givetv you the information there.on t tickets are still available asvl well.ll. this is tomorrow at washingtonng convention center. cenr. it's a pricey ticket. tict it's a corporate event mostly et but it is worth it if you canf c get together some of youre of y
9:23 am
this worthy there's the information there of course we'll also have it on our website.ite kiernan smith, thank you veryit much. >> thanks for having me.hank >> we'll be right back. we'll b.
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♪ 9:25.> . foxfox5 exclusive.. another delayed ambulance ambul response in the district to.o. >> the victim was man shot several times an chesapeakepeak drive southeast
9:26 am
the man lying there for nearlyey 30 minutes with no ambulance inn sight. finally there was a call to mede vac the patient and the victimtm was hoisted into the helicopter, that's when the ambulancembul finally pulled up. >> if that was the case we coulc have put him in the car and tood him. that's how long it took them to >> this street is a death trap.a he died, came back, died again.a the ambulance didn't come untill about an hour >> they had to night him in then that's how bad it was. was >> the victim remains inai i critical condition.crit the suspect 29-year-old anthonyt wade has been arrested anddnd charged with assault with intent to kill. k still ahead on good day, justin, charms the nation's capitol while the president gett emotional talking about the abot future holds for his daughter. >> fever.>> fev. >> don't egg her on. d't e >> no.>> n >> all righty.. >> first though major flooding d down south.wn south a final farewell for a former fr first lady and montgomy
9:27 am
honors a couple of heroes.oe we'll have a check on what elses is making headlines this mornini next. ♪ ♪ >> plus a good day to go runa go 26 miles, yup, we'll check in ci with gary and tucker for look aa what the weather has in store ir for the 2016 rock and rolll marathon.marathon. ♪ ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> eagles resting on the eggs,re right?st right? >> two little eggs under there.d >> when are they due to hatch. h >> within a week.ithia week >> wow.>> w >> pretty exciting to see.y ex >> i hope it happens over thevee weekend.. >> that would be fun.t wo for the weekend show.w >> don't miss it >> if you're going to tease us t like that -- >> i know right. r >> live coverage of the hatchi hatching. >> we'll be on streaming livemiv and everything.thin >> we will 10 the reason thatsoa eagle breathing heavily --vily >> what's that. >> regular regulating its body temperatures.mperat >> panting. >> locate a dog would even though the temperaturee stu today much cooler thanoole t yesterday.yester >> you bot to understand the to eagle is hot most of the time t unless it's super cold out the there. >> still wearing the winterri coat. >>ng more eagl e trivia.a. >> temperatures out this morning obviously cooler than where wehe have been the last couple off mornings but it take while forta these temperatures to drop off.o bottomed out here in town. tow 62 now. pittsburgh is 42. column yous 45. y
9:31 am
okay. so that's where the cooler airer is. trying to spill over theo mountains right now and it willl bring us again coolerler temperatures as we progress.. cooler relative to where we wre should have i should say.ave shu we'll warm dawn.'l sun will come out for theout foe afternoon. look the winds will be 10 to 20t out of the northwest.orthwest so it will be a little breezy.. down here in leonardtown 67 degrees.egrees. annapolis by the water 61. baltimore 66.imore 66. i do believe here in town we'lll touch 70 this afternoon.ftno even though it will be brief. bf sunshine comes in so future cass shows it clear.le little bit breezy.reez we're clear overnight.rnight. we're watch the clouds stream in seam tomorrow.rr we start off with sunshine sunin tomorrow. we end up mostly cud the rain holds off. off rain holds off until sunday anda there has been nothing knew that comes in to indicate thate t perhaps we would have more thana just a few showers on sunday. sy here's sunday morning at 8:00 a a.m. notice we are cloudy.aroudy mostly cloudy. cloud we can have a little bit ofit o sunshine muted sunshine trying to come through and then during the day on sunday, there may abb shower here or a
9:32 am
but it's looking like most of o the rain holding off to the the south of us on sunday.unda it will come across sunday nig night. still a chance for some showerss on monday. mday. but again we keep most of the weekend dry.ry all showers that we had this morninr have moved m we have some clearing takinggg place up to the north now. so northern montgomery county, c southern and central ctr pennsylvania, already getting gg the sunshine and i do believe be again as we progress through the day more and more sunshine popse it by the afternoon. briefly 70 degrees this0 deees afternoon. but it will be on the breezyre side. and here's a look at your sevenu day forecast. 70 briefly today.. 65 tomorrow with afternoon clouds.clou some showers not many but some s showers possible on and then next week it look likek we stay mild to even warm.enar a couple of days. wednesday, thursday, we'rey, wee talking back up into the middled 70s again and again don't forget, saturday night, wee springford. i don't know if that's a good i thinf g. or bad thing. i think you guys worill talk moe about that, right.about that, ri
9:33 am
>> it is what it is. >> 9:33. let's check else what is makings headlines on this fridaylines i morning. al? >> steve, first up unusually, ru heavy and relentless rain now being blamed for at least throww deaths in massive evacuations ii northern louisiana.. state of emergency is now ins ni effect for parts of the bayou b state after 18-inches of rain lead to majored flooding there.e crews are keeping 24 hour hou surveillance on the levees and they are using equipment to help a loaf 88 the pressure. meantime, out west inout es california, former first ladyrsy nancy reagan will be laid tod rest in a private funeral. fer about a thus san guests willsil attend that service including ii past and present first ladiesie michelle obama, laura bush,us hillary clinton and roslandd os carter.carter we'll have live stream of the service we'll have a live strear of the service on our website beginning at 2:00 our time. two montgomery county policp officers are being honored today for rescuing an unconscious mann from a burning veh
9:34 am
really dramatic video if you cau pull yourself away to look atoo the screen. seen. officer cody field and officer f brian nesbitt respond to do tdo fiery crash on the outer loop oe the beltway.ay when the officers got there,he they say that driver unconscio unconscious. and stuck inside of the both officers risked their own lives to pull that driver to drt safety.fety. amazingly he walk away with onll minor injuries. they'll be honor at the and walw chamber of commerce public safety awards. bravo.bravo. now to an important recallel alert.alert. nearly 3 million boxes of frozen did you johnny pizzas, stover s will sag in as and lean withth meals are being recovered.ecove they're still investigating theg source of the glass but itt believes the common upgradientpt in the products is spinach. finally -- that's not an--h excuse to not eat your raw spinach. kids. an finally, it was some welcomed comic relief for news team tea covering the aftermath of a o tornado..
9:35 am
were in the miffled filming whel they spotted dog.they spotted you cannot drive, sir. sir >> i'm getting out of here. her >> that dog was perched in thee drivers seat of the lawnmowerer with his paws on the steeringheg wheel perhaps he was trying to y help with the cleanup.ith e cleu >> i think he's been therehinks >> he is man's best friend aftet all. all. he seemed totally unfaithed bytb the giggles and the stairs. hey, what do you mean, right. rg papa told me i can drive any >> sure. >> my goodness. my godnes >> hash tag made my day. my d >> that is adorable.dorable. >> thank you very much.nk y >> awesome. awesome. still ahead american idol kicksk into high gear. h there are just six contestants and four weeks left in the i couldn't fix reality show. last night from last nights toet top elimination and sit down d with the latest sent home. h time now 9:35. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ it is the most rockingki marathon knot in the country byy name and definition. def rock and roll marathon takesat t over d.c. tomorrow morningro m literally tens of thousands ofho runners signed up to pound the e pavement tomorrow. tor barring any last minute injuriee now this is what we like to call in the world of sports a game gm time decision.. the official, you know, prono sheet on tucker barnes right now but since we are fortunate tona have to have the athlete himselm with us now, courtesy of a camera downtown, let's find outo if we can get insight from him.m >> he's at the d.c.
9:39 am
southeast with more on the racer and how lacing up your runningrn shoes can actually help save aee life. good morning, tucker. >> reporter: good morning, morni maureen. good morning, steve many you're right. ri absolutely a game time decisioni for me. we're going to see how it goes. i'm down here rock and rolll marathon head quarter joined byy super spokeswoman your name. >> ann wes link. l >> tell me about the more runners than ever thishan year, right. >> 24,000 three distances so game timeam t decision for you.cision for you can opt for the full.l. >> yes. >> there's the had a. the >> yes. >> and the 5k. >> already got your running you shoes on.oe you're kind of ready for this.. already. >> tell me where the 5k takes we maybe i want to run in that one. >> exactly. e we're doing all the distances ds start at 7:30 and not too lateoo to sign up today even. en so it's not too late for anyonen including you tucker. >> okay. those that are registered theyte need come down here and pick up a pack, right in pick up theick packet it's got your bib andbib it's got your free t-shirt obviously we got cool stuff herh at the expo.o brooks shoes b
9:40 am
now. >> yes. >> in addition to run apparel,pr glucose is here with some fuel.f you can basically try anything.h even if you just want to get to your toes in the water with theh 5k come check out the expo andhn see what you think.hi >> let's talk business. 24,000 runners tomorrow.omorro throughout the city.thhout i guess road closures that kindt of thing.of what can people plan on? more information even if they're note running so they can prepare fora it. >> go to the website run rockk and roll if the com and alsond a take the metro.. we highlight recommend parts p parents pants jump on the metrom it's a way to meet your runnersr on the way. it's beautiful course. cours if you get to the hills if you want want to slow it down a a knowledge and talk to someoneomo maybe it's fifty one on theft metro.metro speaking of talking to somebodys is that my friend he will visioi back there. >> he's back. thank you. tucker good morning. >> you're perspiring a littlee e bit.e i was sweating out there. out te but the rock and roll marathonhn really makes running this is washington, d.c.'s 26.2-mile block party. par we're excited to kick
9:41 am
tomorrow >> all right. who is the big band after thet run is over?ve >> tower of power. >> yeah.>> y we're bringing that '70's funk.a i mean this is not a fast race.r this is a celebration of healtho and wellness. wellness. to have the beer garden at thea finish line.finish it all takes place right outsidi here at the d.c. armory. tower power the '70's if you70'i know will be big party.ow will . >> all right. can't wait. llather will be totally cooperate. last year iran it. yeairan it was cold and miserable.isable >> it was cold and miserable. mb we have all been recycling. we've all been thanking motherhk nature. please bring us beautifulng us t running weather but n washington d.c. such aon d.c. sc spectacular running community. y people are going to have suchuc great time it will be a perfect day. a p >> i love it. i >> blossoming the whole city is blossoming it will be picturesque, too., t does we'll do more run talke run coming up and i'm going to findo out all the details.. >> more running. rning >> i'll fine all the details ana getting pick up by the slow vanw that picks up people going toont slow. maybe that will be me tomorrow.m >> toss it back inside to you. . having good time down dh >> way, there's a slow van.ther i can do it. i >> me too.>> me t
9:42 am
pictures of tucker while he runs slowly. slowly >> thanks tuck. >> talk about blink and youabou missed it american idol finaldoi season is already down to the top six.ix check it out.. >> very emotional. majority vote from the judges who gets the save. harry? >> oh, man. >> it harder harder and harderde every week. i have to say this group is phenomenal. phenomenal. but the safe goes to sonika. (applause). >> sent home last night legion g and avalon young they're journey to stardom is far over.s fa o for more on the experience is avalon joining us live from la this morning. good morning. >> good morning. how are you. >> we're well. thank you. first of all, guys, let's givee avalon round of applause. >> yay.>>ay. (applause). >> you said earlier -- hello. h >> your goal was to ma
9:43 am
just top 10 but you've obviously surpassed that huge huge accomplishment. how are you feeling?hoe yo >> um i feel amazing. i feel really really blessed. b i'm really grateful for the experience. i didn't even think that i was w going to make it through mythrog first audition so to be here iss really mind blowing.lo >> i don't know why. off voice that i can hear on tht radio right now really uniquey u watch kind of music do you hopep to make? mak >> r and br and b urban contemporary stuff. >> that's just how you sun. really really good.. >> vocal. v >> you stuck to that last nightl with your performance.r perform you did michael jackson's pretty little thing. thi. what were you thinking when thew judges were giving you the remarks? um, i just kind of -- i always list stone what theytoe say because they do give reallyy really accurate critique.ri so for me i was just kind ofasud taking it in. i agreed with every single thine they were saying to meek and i d had a feeling after
9:44 am
three the week before and beingb there again i was like, they can't save me forever and that't all right. rig because i think last night i got a chance to really just have fue and sing my heart out one last time and i have no regrets aboua anything that happened on thaten stage while i was on the show.he >> what do you take away fromako this experience? you know, it'w a once in lifetime experienceere for so many people. man what are you taking away from it? >> a lot of good friends. f i met some of my best friends on the show. and they're all just insanelyns good singers and i think i'm i i just takin'mg away the fact that need to believe in myself a mel little bit more.litt i think before the show i kindwn of just felt like i was gettingg told no all the time and makingk it through, um, all the rounds d did in american idol just made j me see like, you know, maybew, have more faith in myself and ms that's a good feeling to leavefl with. >> sure is. >> avalon, you obviously madeiom new friends on the show butiend you're also taking away lots of new fans. f you are by far one of the the contestants that did reallyideay great on social mode ya with tht
9:45 am
what are your fans saying to y you? u? >> um, you know, i think it's awesome that we kind of haveave this bond where they love for me and not just the me that was ont american idol. i made a couple tweets lastas night but the fact this isn'ts n really end for me as a musicianc and i think they're alreadyy' ready to go on this journey witn me and i can't way to so whato s happens. >> that journey is still to be defined but there's so manybut r people that have come out ofhavu american idol whether finishingi number one, number six, number,m 10, number 20, great success sus across the board.oa have you done the math yet andat looked back and said look out oo 70,000 people or whoever it wast that auditioned for this like ik mean i'm in the top like very vy very top percentage here.. >> yes. i mean, it's cool for mowl f m because i folic during the shows we're so busy and we're workingg and we're stressing and there's a lot of pressure all the time e we forget to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back and bb proud of what we've done. done i think i'm definitely, you def know, now that i'm here i'm h
9:46 am
of myself rather than angry at myself for not making it througr the next round.ound >> awesome att >> great attitude.>> gre you know what, keep on singing. >> yes. >> congrats, avalon. >> of course always.>> >> awesome. thanks for joining us this for morning. >> thank you. >> all right.>> a six contestants are stillll competing for the final idol title. ti you can catch their performancer and the next elimination nextnai thursday right here on fox5. all right. >> i really did love her voice.h i haven't watched all of idol il but even her audition just stood out because i loved to hear her sing. >> upbeat and real like ---- >> casual laid back.asual k. wasn't going to change herhange style.e. >> yeah. >> love it. >> there's still little fire ini that idol engine.ine. people are like stars being mae made. time now 9:46.time:46. coming up next the man who brought us borat, yeah, he'seahh back with a brand new nitwit n kevin is sitting down with the brothers grimsby star sasha s baron cohen much that's coming up next. >> wait until you see what he's
9:47 am
wearing. wearing. >> gosh, please.>> >> oh, no. >> ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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oh, god, i'm cold.. should have never left me alonee >> you're never alone.. >> see those -- -- >> how dare you. y >> i promise i'll burn yourn you school down for you. >> come on. >> excuse me, sir, i think youit dropped something.oppemeth >> dropped what? >> okay.>>kay. that's a clip from the newhe british com bee the brothersers grimsby from the mad mind of mio borat creator sasha baron cohenn one of two movies in theaternhet this weekend along with tone wh cloverfield lane. le. kevin talk to the stars of bothb movies joining us now live withl the details on do we start withh brothers >> unfortunately that movie -- knots goo
9:51 am
cloverfield first. never mind cloverfield knew movie starring marilyn win set,t john goodman not a see wet to 2008 cloverfield movie. phenomenal movie directed by matt receives and produced by jj abrams. it's connected to thenect to cloverfield universe takes you y back to the hitchcock horrorchcr days thriller days that's whatt make it so three people down in a bunkerun and something is happening abova i'll won't say that that is.t t. so secretive the acts didn't did know it was cloverfield filmm originally they also didn't knok the title had anything to doingo with cloverfield.verfld. i spoke to mary elizabeth withit set about how the total changedg how her best friend got replacee by bradley cooper in the movie.e check this out. >> are there other projects youu work on that had differentfent titles prior to the actual released title? i had a couplel films that don't have title likl i did movie indy movie called alex of venice the whole time it was called untitled. so we were actually like taking requestings out
9:52 am
titles.titl we just don't know what to calll this movie.thovie that does happen sometimes.etims >> yeah. now you didn't know the title oi this film officially until aynt couple days before the trailerbt was released.d. >> right.ig. >> obviously going into it did you have any idea it was a connected to the cloverfield clo universe?universe? >> i knew it was something thats was going to be in the spirit oe cloverfield. i didn't know that it would beth connected in terms of the title. but i knew jj was trying to do t something where you know heherek wants to make films like thise that are in the same spirit of, you know taking really big ideae and telling them in smaller wayy and more personal and kind of kd reinventing, you know, the genre little bit. b which i think this does in a doe very similar way to whato w cloverfield >> when you guys are down in the bunker how are they making things shake? like how are they making -- right.ig >> in the movie roll.ol are there people behind theeobei walls. all sorts of practical stufs like that you just had like l first ad standing here you shaking things or stomping sto around. it was all -- it's all likeit'sk movie magic. magic >> i'm curious who voices ben on the phone.e phone. >> you don't know?
9:53 am
>> is it bradley cooper? c someone told me it was bradley l cooper. it is really had um?llhad >> yes. he's in the credits if you waitw for the credits.for the cred >> i was wondering about that. a i didn't easy end of the crediti i left.eft >> it's kind of great. gat i wish they could put him abovea the title.le. bradley cooper in --y co in >> were you actuall actually coe with him. with him >> that was done post.t i didn't actua actually know its chapping until couple of week cu ago.ago. >> who were you talk --ere listening to a friend of mine me matt by row great actor who wasw originally playing my boyfriendb on the other line and i haven'tn told him yet that -- >> wow. now he >> now he know.>> i'm sorry, matt. i'm sorry. >> tune into our social medial a pages we found an app that flopf our faces. f we've been dying here. dyi moving on real quick sasha baror cohen the brothers grimsby has one of the disgusting i'll haveh awful scenes i've he have seenan in move z the movie i gave a 1.1 out of five.f didn't care for it. had sasha baron cohen viaen satellite to tell me about this seen and how he thinks
9:54 am
compares to his naked fighted scene in borat.or watch this. >> it is about two brothers, onr who loves his brother, they fell out and he's trying to reconnect. it does have this kind of really emotional i mean on top of that it's gots some of the craziest teensziestn you've ever seen in any movie.. i guarantee you there are sevens things in this movie that you ta will never ever have seen inseen your live before.or so i think people out there arer either going to absolutely adoro this movie if you loved movies like borat or they've going toeg wack out within the first twoth minutes. but there's a scene in the that makes the naked fight look likel a scene from mad gas scar.asca >> all right.. so that is sasha baron cohen.. brothers grimsby.ri don't rem rem it 1.5 out of five.f 10 cloverfield lane i gave a gae four. fo i do recommend that one. the scene in brother grimsby gry deals with an elephant and mostt horrifying disgusting scene i'vv probably seen since the movie -- >> how does he keep g
9:55 am
green light. light. >> borat was mazing i lovedas m borat. really? >> really funny. >> i agree.. >> thank you kevin. kevin >> thanks guys. singer actress kathy haven't chewer what you might know herwr best as diddy's girl friendirl e she's talking about a new movie. allison's knight in shining areg a and this morning he's anng hen actual knight.actual kni really? >> who is that. >> w>> idris. >> i'm thinking it's got to be.t >> we'll fine out >> first coffee time on good dao d.c. if you've been eyeing the cool cuff fee mugs we have newue one din did he doughnuts mug ifg he if he can for your great ofro cup of donut doughnuts joe.nuts head to fox fox5's fox5's d.c./. one lucky winner select besideee random drawing. drang you have until 11 a.m. to entert right now it's 9:55.:5 please show what's kevin isin i doing.. please show what he's doing.oi ♪
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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♪ 10ing at 10a, we go inside d the star-studded steak dinnerne bryce harper takes a swing atwig baseball and tick tock does thee time change do more harm than h good put on your birthday shoes. we're live at the birthday celebration for the 106-year-ol- woman who stole our hearts at h the meeting with the presidentse and first lady. l >> he was in the oscar nominaten film room. you may rescue him. >> singer and actress cassiee orange is the new star joiningri us live to tuck about their neww movie the perfect what a way to end the week. w hit it, goo
10:00 am ♪ i can't stop >> there's everything wrong wity >> aww. >> this is a -- we've beeneen sitting here for 10 minutes mut doing this. >> steve and allison. s and >> that's steve and allison.on. >> wait. >> steve and i.>> >> that actually looks good.. >> this one hilarious. >> this is annie. ann >> oh, my gosh. >> show this one. me and kevin.. >> maureen and me. (laughter). >> basically swaps your face. sa really funny >> i love it. >> see the things we -- we >> i can't stop laughing.. >> thanks for sharing. shang >> you may my whole weekend.e we i know what i'm doing.t i'oing >> play for hours on it.houn i >> we plan to. >> all right.ll tag us. >> >> allison and steve (laughter). >> scary.>> that is scary.y. >> in the world of evolution ofn
10:01 am
we were just playing with uss today two days facebook boughtkb it. >> very hot.>> they put the money out. >> face swap is hot. look for all that end up on on facebook soon. >> thanks store staying with ust i'm stevaye alongside allison, maureen and annie and thehe laughter. >> am i you. >> bite end of the week after wr all these years you are you. >> you are you.ou. >> you are you.. >> we've dumped the shark. theha >> this is the first l first lady in the president havh been nesting as we know high high above the nationalna arboretum and they're about 1001 some feet up and today earlierar we got a look not just at the t eggs but we got a look at mom and dad in the nest togethereste witness eggs.s gs. >> tending the nest.he >> portrait. doing work on the nest.t. they brought i believe dad was s out doing some searching and brought a branch back.ranch b >> kind of fascinating to watcht >> it really is. >> you guys came up withh interesting facts about theg fa eagles.eagl uh-uh mentioned how manyow man feathers
10:02 am
>> like 7400.ike 7 >> right.>>ight >> and an adult eagle standsleta like 30-inches.0-ines >> okay.>>kay. >> but this all happened becausu one of the mouths were open or the beaks were open i should s say. and so tucker says it probablybl just panting i thought really? and so but it really is true. t they do thermo regulate.e. that's how they thermo regulatee they open their mouths and bas basically pant like dogs do. do >> that's amazing. amazing >> mom and dad in the nest together. mom is bigger of the two when iw comes to eagle. ele big story when are we going to have beebe baby eaglets. eagle it should be within the week. k. >> you can see the regular righr there. >> like you said earlieridlier allison, nature.n, natur just watching it.g it. >> beautiful.>> mom and dad will switch off who will be nesting every once in oc awhile they move the eggs rotatt them a little bit. hey, they know how to do it.ow >> they do. say good morning to elmer taylor who is loves watchin
10:03 am
cam just as much as we do.mus we good morning to you. m thanks for watching tuesday. >> we'll keep an eye on theanyeo eagles and talk about what'shat' 10ing. we'll start with the nationals almost baseball season springal training underway down inl ery o florida.orid espn with baseball issue out.. in it bryce harper is in thes spotlight for some comments that he made about the sport of spo o baseball in that interview withw espn magazine bryce harper whoar is sitting there looking veryngv regal good like boss. >> harper says, baseball is notn fun like football and basketba basketball. he blames the unwritten rules of baseball conduct that discouragr players from truly expressing en themselves on off the feel.e fel bryce thinks players should beye allowed to celebrate great plays without suffering retaliation by the other team. t the so-called shut up and play he said baseball is tired. tir it's tired sport because you you can't express yourself you can't do what people in other sportshe do. he thinks the players againplays should be able to celebrate.elee if you think about it likee football. a touchdown
10:04 am
it becomes a part of the it's celebrated and then the the game goes whereas in baseball, if you hitu a homerun and you celebrate,elea next time you're up the pitcher typically drills you with a baseball for trying to show upgo the pitcher when you hit a you got the best of him. of him you got the homerun.t the mer >> if they're allowed torellow celebrate would that bring morem excitement to the game? somee?s say for the runner museum to the game which iswhic bryce says it's a lyle tiredl these days. the game has been going on then same way for over century. ctu >> he also said it's exciting tt see those players in other sports like cam newton.m new i love the way cam goes about it he smiles, he laughs he has thaa flare. he has the dramatic.mati so i mean... mea.. >> i get it.t >> there has been very i guess,g you know, players in baseball b over the years that have beenhan very outgoing. had a personality. more personality than the game.e as whole maybe it's not that w way. bryce trying to get a new energe a sport around long time. t when you hit to homerun and thee they just watch it go over or the slide or whatever, iha
10:05 am
>> i didn't notice they weren'tr celebrating.ating. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> until you brought up it never dawned on mow they weren't oingi anything. >> even if like you crush a 500-foot homerun the farthestar ball you hit in your life if yof sit there and admire theyhe consider that showing up thewine pitcher.piher. >> really? that's not fire.ire. >> the other team retaliatesiate against >> any who.>> a >> come on.n boys trying to stir it up all we wanted to do is hit homeruns ini d.c. >> he's been making it exciting. >> mvp.>> >> we've got bryce and the natst the caps season is still ontillo going. the wizards are still on theln hardwood and we've got theveot e redskins the miss ticks even tht castles tennis team. t are you ready for another pro p team here in the nation' cassios toply. ted leone knee has acquired an e expansion team in the arena football throwing will play athw the verizon center beginning ine the spring of 2017.01 eight other teams in the league. >> they typically play in thelya off season for the nfl it's a is different type of year. y >> why not bring a little a excitement to the area.
10:06 am
>> i'm sure there's an audience. >> can always use excitement inn the dmv.e dm >> indoor football it's playedla on half field so basically bic you're half the size of regularr field.eld they have nets up.ey he ne very very high scoring game.e. you could scores in the 60s.. >> real football fans don't liki it though. >> kind of like the redheaded stepchild.stepch >> failed in other places.d in >> it's not the nfl.s noe nf it's not.. but people sports fans want as n fix and we know how -- all we we talk about in the off seasonff what's next on the football.tb the draft, the combine, youne, know, free agency.. so -- -- >> yeah. >> gives people, people.e,eopl >> no offense to redheads. r there was the only phrase thatra came to my hyped from my south o carolina days.s my apologies. let's talk about jessica albacaa she's defending her billioneril dollar honest company against claimsims it's not so hahn never.o hahn the wall street journal says ita has evidence that the company uses harsh chemicals in laundry detergent product. pdu honest company website says itse doesn't use the cleaning agentga in statement alba's company sayy the journal is making falseing s claims despite being providedde proof
10:07 am
>> i think if you name your company hospital nesty anything -- >> yeah. >> you set the bar high.ou b >> yeah, you do. >> people will come after you iu suppose. >> million dollar company, too.o >> almost a billion. bli >> it's amazing. >> get ready to springfordord everybody. clocks are moving ahead to -- at 2aa miss sunday. some folks believe daylight dayh savings time should be fazed ono out of here. the tradition goes -- significant damage to our healta and proposed bill in californiar to get rid of it i didn't know they did daylighti saving time out there.the >> i think arizona and nevada. >> doctors say when we springford there are more heartm attacks, more strokes, more workplace accidents.ccts more people like getting in trouble because they're overecae sleeping or not getting -- that's my 2 cents all because of the time change it gives peoplee jetlag, too.oo may i just do another publicth p service announcement i leak how that was written a lot of peoplo say daylights saving time.
10:08 am
t. you know how i feel about it.. >> i'm going to be stressing ous over this over the weekend.he we i have to be here. he can you all just call me and a wake me up? me up >> sure.>> sure. i'm already setting three alar alarms. >> the only thing that bothers e me even make the change.nge i don't do it because it's likel upping, you feel jetlag ortlag o anything. it doesn't make sense thee change. let it go. >> sign that petition. >> it feels like we just fells u back.. >> the year -->> >> we're getting older al. getta >> i think so.>> we're sound like we're old.ld >> kevin we're having thising t conversation.nversation. >> change it. >> kevin less conversation abouo movies now.nvvies >> okay.y. >> he is very much against this. >> okay. >> >> let me ask you this. oet me o would you, f you want to the new movie comes out hot new movie avengers, star wars whatever its is you don't wan wt to go to tht theater you want to watch it ath home but you have to pay for p f eight lot of money maybe $50.. >> no. >> to watch that film.watc >> wait, maureen.auen >> okay. >> you'll get to watch the filmo from the comfort of your couch.. the same day it hit theaters. tr would you do it new start up srt call the screening room andngoo that's what they are betting oni that you will do this.oul do they want to
10:09 am
released brand new movies toovit people so you can watch them att home.ho. now, here's financially the keyk it would be 50 bucks a movie yoy would have to pay one-time set- up charge to get the box you b y need to have in your living rooo which it costs 150 buck. 150.15 >> okay. >> 50 bucks a movie.0 bus a you have a 48 hour window toindo view the film.. now, here's the question is,io i there's questions piracyy obviously how they couldhey c regulate that.tet. >> right.ig. >> mo you said you would neversd do it. >> it's too much. it's too much. >> he's about to blow your mineo >> okay. do it it e. >> family of four to the moviese you'll pay almost 50 bucks touct see the movie.e thmovi >> i hadn't thought about that. >> more than 50.>> m >> you can invite the extended t family to watch the movie as well.ll now you can certainly have have everybody.ev >> i've never been that pressede oh and a film to watch it. i >> to watch it day of.f. >> suppose you are.uppose you suppose there is amazing movie g and, you know -- >> then i would do it. it. >> girls night. night okay, steve, i stand corrected.. >> see, told you.d y does he that to me every >> you're not paying for bige nf popcorn fees. f
10:10 am
>> make your food at h have movie >> throw it that way.ow it at w >> you can see la sag n. sag >> you don't have to sneak it is your purse, allison.yourse, >> not >> you tried to sneak la snagak into the theater what mess,t ms, right?right? (laughter). >> any way, it's an option. kevin hates it because he's aec true west and he feels like youk need to see ae film in the theater some possible haver so really good home theaters.. >> some people have amaz amazeim theater. >> the premier of super manmiero versus batman. >> justin fever. >> did you say justin beiber. >> justin fever.. >> president barack obama and b first lady michelle obamaichella host -- you want me to singo si again.agai that's what you want me to do.ta >> no, we don't.d't >> mo, hosting a state dinnertae are the canadian prime minister and his wife sophie true doughed last night. night now the first lady wore a strapless jason woo dress it was so pretty. p ladies did you like it. it. >> i loved it. >> it was pretty, yes.s >> did you know who that was, the silver
10:11 am
>> no.>>o. >> silver head gentleman.tleman >> mike myers.ik i mean amazing.e an a he looks good. gd. his hair is just all the way white. wh lots of folks have gone by nancy pelosi, of course, too. t and some other big stars with w ties to canada attended thed state dinner including miscall j., mike myers and ryan reynoldo with his wife blake lively. is is she too from canada. >> i don't believe so.'t he's the one.hene >> the din are in came after daa of meetings between the two t leaders and they made headliness weighing in in on usn presidential the race for thealc president. the commander in chief said andd the prime minister had a fewad words to say last night. n here are a few of those words. >> mr. prime minister, afterr a today i think it's fair to sayay that here in america you may well be the most popularar canadian named justin. (laughter).r) >> may the special connectionpe between our two countricieso cnt continue to flourish in theouri years to come and may
10:12 am
hair come in is a at a much slower rate than yours has. (laughter).ghter) >> okay. okay. >> look at this beauty.. >> stunner. it was also the first statestta dinner for the obama girls. gls look at these ladies. lie >> so grown. grown. >> my goodness. sasha and malia were loud tooudo attend they got to sit with ryan reynolds and his wife who iss from los angeles, f california.. chris tells us. u >> i was surprised by some of the names not on that list. celine dion. d >> then again she's -- yeah.ea >> never mine. m >> justin beiber, drake.ra >> i forgot about drake. dke >> he's a kendrick lamar fan mr. obama.. >> he did say that.did saat. >> okay. >> visit to the white house ishh the first by the canadian leadea in 20 years. y >> live in the loft he was in i the nominated film called room r oscar nominated film you mightou know him from his slew otherther films.. cass anbar he's join us at 10:30 this morning.orning. >> rebel wilson says
10:13 am
drugged, oprah debuts a new look and mariah carey a reality show for her. h why was ma dan donna dressed upp like a clown. c we'll explain all that inn celebrity dish. >> clown show, madge.
10:14 am
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♪ what could possibly way toyy make allison's knight in shining armor even more knight like. aww. >> the only way to do it to make idris alba an actual knight. kni >> what's happening?ap >> yes, posted this picture on his way to buckingham palace with nan fancy car and his fancy star to receive his ove standss for order of the british empire the title yes allison given tonights.tonigh >> sir. >> so allison -- >> that makes your crush officially sir idris alba.. >> royal.. >> i'll call him sir
10:17 am
>> that's not a problem. proem >> that is hess mom. mom. >> picture tweeted of his momsom taking her to the british monsh arc key telling them they made her very happy. happy >> i'll bet. >> success. >> your boy gets knighted. kgh >> don't you love when yourhen y crushes become >> it just separates me further from -- what? what? >> he's still the same idris. >> him ever coming in.. >> he's been in before.ore. >> yes. y >> were you here.u he. >> yes, i interviewed him.ewed h >> it was a big -- >> 34-inch picture poster size.s >> it's on my desk. d >> framed and her desk is only y 30-inches. bigger than the whole desk.e whs >> my da >> a place many, a house background of her computer.omte >> lunch table all combined in e >> congratulations, sir. s all righty.y hi.. hi.. we're doing celebrity this is my mike pack. i don't have like a hebrew
10:18 am
>> we're to the doing behind th scenes root now.scen >> i didn't want anybody --nyboy don't believe the hype. t h first up today, nicky minaj and meek mill put those break uphosk rumors to rest. meek shared this snap of the couple by his snap -- everybodyo is doing the face swap type ofyp thing.g. tmz reporting --orti - >> it's a >> she swapped it with -- a little costuming. the feet was was taken at meek't house he doesn't have a shirt oi in philadelphia where he's undeu 90 days house arrest fores f probation violation.ioti that's not as romantic.c nicky flew to philly on wednesday to visit meek milleekl herman before she heads to south africa for her tour. t >> thank goodness they are going strong.stro. (laughter). >> all right. rebel wilson opening up about au disturbing experience in her h life the pro foil comedian comed reveals he was recently druggedn at a a nhtcl she's warning her fans to beso careful of what they drink.ri the actress took to sweaterwe
10:19 am
incident and wilson says she gog home safely thank goodness butos woke up this morning feeling feg like she had been hit by truckrk and sales her fans to act as tot soon as they feel somethingsomeg strange and get to safety. >> serious >> very frightening.y frenin >> but it happens.>> b >> it does happen.. >> reality.. >> i'm so happy she's okay.. >> some sad news during a recenr performance at tears of a clownc in melbourne, madonna tried to put a brave face on for her fanf but she showed up to the stage s four hours late and seemed a sed little even ordering a cocktail while on stage.ta first for her.r h she's never done that.e's ver she performed as a giant image a of her son rocco -- okay, appeared behind her and the sonn stress burst into tears. intoea emotional break down comes justj hours aft her 1584 old son satat through six hours of legaleg arguments at the high court in london as lawyers for hisis parents discussed his future. fr this has been going on. i know that she doesn't want ton let her fans dow
10:20 am
take a little break and, you know -- chill out. >> sit down for minute. m this is real life and it is iis affecting her.g h i just --j >> it take emotional toll and ia think, arc nice break would beru good for her.od for >> nice break. maybe a postponement not to cancel.cancel. >> we don't see another mariahih carey break down in 2016. >> no we don't from incredibly sad family news to exciting newn us weekly reporting that maroono five front man adam levine andin his victoria secret wife areif expecting their first child together. the magazine is reportingne is r mrs. levine is three to four f months pregnant along in her alo legs and that the duo is over oe the moon with the news of course they are. ms. sell to the happy couple. >> yay! >> my kids -- do you know the group j a.m. iraqii1 of my daughters says that's thesaysha original maroon five.aroon >> sounds very similar.ryimilar >> that's true. >> your pictured in the video td right now. righ >> i love it. >> maybe good gen
10:21 am
>> they're baby will have goodag genes. >> good looking dad. >> um-hmm.m-hm >> model mom.>>el m >> can sing. s >> covered in tattoos. >> you go ahead.. >> she has won grammys sold outt arenas and performed at thermed super bowl not once but twice.ce but beyonce' says the proudest d moment of her live giving birthi to her little daughter blue ivyi we're not surprised, right? ini an interview with garage magazine, she credits her mothee tina knowles his tina for tina f showing her the ropes of parenthood. blue ivy is now already fourea years old. >> can you you imagi. >> she's looking a little likeik jay-z to me. >> she always looked like jay ii >> a really combination oinf bot of them. more you see shades of jay-z more. more. cute girl, though.hoh. >> wow.>> wow. i wonder what she'll grow up tow be. >> the world is yours.ld iours >> she's already billionaire. >> she is already blue ivy.luevy >> she's good. g oprah winfrey is showing off her nearly 30-pound waste loss in ls the latest issue of o magazine. she looks great.lo the part owner
10:22 am
watchers announced weight lossgl that january. juary. >> go girl. look at you.look >> she looks awesome.. >> crooks hunger, too.hunger too >> borrow that dress. borrow tht >> she's looking good o she's ss been very vocal about her love h for the program of course and of that it allows her to eat her favorite foods.voriteoods >> >> bread. bre bring on the bread.he b >> every day. >> bread.>>read. >> bread!>>! >> bread and rice my weaknessesn like o all right. all ri oprah says she's embracing theri weight loss and along with wh spring she's psalming intonto better habits she's always hadly good habits i thought. houg >> do you know what the best thb habit she has.hat sh >> what.t. >> money.>> mon >> making money.oney >> creating her own. o when you read about oprahah winfrey and the abuse and the beginning, it would have crushed a lot of people. ppl but not oprah winfrey.ey. i'm not surprised that weight is justing on off of there.he. finally, captain america fans the wait is over. the new captain america civilca war trailer released it'sse i features a special g
10:23 am
check it out. ♪ >> ut-oh. >> spiderman, spiderman, doesand what nobody -- remember this? t >> of course.>> of cours >> does whatever a spider can.dc >> go ahead annie. a the new trailer gives us a giveu glimpse of spiderman for the first time tom hollande playss peter parker.arr. we also saw ant man an lot moree shots of the black panther. pth captain america civil wariv premieres on may sixth. sixth marge your calendars.. >> can't wait. >> marked.ked >> and -- watch that one at tt n home. >> i was going to say that's on to watch at home with the wholeo good day crew.go day >> you going to bring food.oo >> yeah. >> i'll bring lasagna.'ll >> i'll bring the popcorn.the pn >> i love it. ladies are all invited. 10:43:23. singer and actress cassie cas teaming up with the star orangeg is the new black for movie we'lw talk with both of them coming up. up. >> but first less than 24 hourss she turns 107. and we're joining the
10:24 am
the woman whose video meeting me the president and first ladyirst that went viral will be dancing today.da do not miss it. not it is next.ext. ♪ ♪ now at havertys furniture, it's our spring home event, where you can create the perfect home. from now until march twenty-first... you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces, plus you'll save an extra one hundred dollars, on every thousand you spend. and, we're offering twenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for storewide savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
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10:26 am
♪ all right.>> remember this woman 106-year-oll virginia mclauren dance her wayr into our hearts last month.t m while she was at the white house to meet president obama. tomorrow mrs. lack mclauren had t
10:27 am
shoes on today for party that pt will be held in her honor at tht arc in southeast d.c. and that't where fox5's bob barnard is livi now with the latest on thehe celebrations that are -- are a they underway yet, bob. >> reporter: they are.y she's getting a jump on her 107th birthday inside rightid rg now here at the arc. she took the stage just a littll bit ago. ago this was -- we can show you theu video this was a surprise dancen party. they had that song happy playina and she took to the stage and aa you'll see in a minute she wiggled her hips. h she is being honored basically c not just because she's america'a dancing grandma but for her volunteerism here in southeastta d.c. she volunteered daily at d.c.. elementary and charter schools for 24 years. y she's also a long-time foster fs grand parent. paren so she's being honored for thatr and having great old time there. tomorrow 107 and still movinglln her hips much it's fantastic, fa guys. of course it was her recent trit to the white house that made virginia mclauren an an international sensation. sensatn video of her dancing with thecie president and first ld
10:28 am
viral. she said she was thrilled tod meet president obama the first t african-american president. prei he said it was a joy meeting heg and you're never too old for a makeover.over in celebration of her birthday tomorrow, howard university u radio and bob's discountt furniture no relation are goingg to provide new furniture for f miss mclauren's bedroom, diningn room and living room. r so a big party here honoring this great lady we're all we' learning about in her 106th year as she turns 107 tomorrowro guys. >> what wonderful celebration. a we're so proud and honored toedt have played any part in this. ti she is a legend. isn't she. >> to her and her family. >> we talked about it so manyeda times. you think about how many thingst she's witnessed in history of her 107 years.. bobby, in the last like, you you know, last month, still have amazing opportunities to do o things you probably never y dreamed ofou.of >> that's such a good point, a g steve. absolutely rig never stops. >> she's eating it up. eating t she's loving it.
10:29 am
>> and she should.>> and s that's fantastic enjoy everyve moment. >> thanks bob. still it ahead he has been in everything from the oscare o nominated movie room to the live story of diana. next actor cass anbar is live ii with us in the loft.oft. the special reason he is in today. today. coming up as good day at 10a rolls on.lls ♪
10:30 am
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10:32 am
♪ >> you're over there. y yeah.ou >> we can just lip sync lady gaga until we get it altogether. >> we got this. >>. right okay. ok >> there's dog in here?he's d >> was that a dog.a >> i thought i heard a bark. bk. >> i heard a bark.k. >> what? (laughter). >> oh, boy. okay.ok well, some of you will will recognize our next guest from his role as dr. sing in the 17 episode tv stories the tournament.ment. he also appeared in source code alongside jake gyllenhaal and a as sin's creed revelations inati the same year that's not all hee played cody fayed princess diana's alongside naomi what'sha who played the princess in the 2013 biographical drama diana. >> most recently he played pla doctor along the 2016 oscar winner for actress brie larsonrn in the movie room.oo fabulous movie.buloovie he was also cast on the sci-fi i science fiction tv series the te expanse which was picked up
10:33 am
a second season now that is an impressive less may. m. he's talking all about it withh our very own kevin mccarthy whoy also has an impress suv resume.e >> good morning.ood orning. >> thanks for coming in studio. you are awesome.weso thank you for room. rm. obviously mr. anvar thank younk for being incredible actor.incredible act. great resume as we mentioned men talk about real quick before wer get to your resume.. why are you in d.c.? you haveuh an amazing event tomorrow nightt really serious people are going to be there. be the >> nothing has nothing to doo do with acting or the industry. inr he'll here to emcee an event ata the know reusse commission. coms a politically motivated event that is spanning the world. it is kind of culturally all inclusive. it represents 17 to 20 differend countries and it's it's i basically the middle eastern -- new day.w day. it is celebrated for probablyrol three or 4,000 years now andrsow it's basically a new year celebration for countries all
10:34 am
and did you nay terse andnd diplomats including the formeror queen of iran will be there anda ambassadors from turkey, as becs stan, iraq will all there be. it's got six words that wor t represent what it does. ds good words, good thoughts, goodd deeds.deed >> wow. >> you are going to emcee theehe event.evt. now this is amazing. amang you speak english, french andreh far see and limited arabic, hindu and >> there you go.ou go. >> italian too.. >> where do you start learning t all these languages? is thereag one in particular obviouslyr you're great at english on thee ones you're particularly strongg with?with >> necessity is the mother ofty advance and. a i've had to play spanish, italian, ara bib characters,harr indian characters, obviously i'm comfortable with persianit characters, and i oftentimes i'll get notice of these roles r only a few weeks in advance. >> wow. >> i'll have to do crash courseu i had to do even i think some s russian i
10:35 am
>> when you emcee the event wilw you use different languages.die probably toss some stuffossu inform they want it to be moreoe >> obviously room was in many rm 98ed for best picture this year. phenomenal film. brie larson is brilliant.ia. jason is amazing. azi >> she won the best best picture this year. >> talk about what this film did for you an as actor.ct very serious subject matter.ubjt her character kidnapped left int rom for seven years she raisesai her son in this room.s talk about what this movie meanv for you.for ou >> beautiful movie. butif the director lenny abramson worked craft add really poetllyp tech work of art. it could have been incrediblybee dark depressing movie and he he somehow managed to turn it intot an up lifting hopeful movieul mv because he told it from the perspective child. c i have to shoot this movie in between weeks when i was when w shooting the expanse. expanse. >> i was going to ask that. gois >> i was just onk break. my agent called me up and said, hey, they're doing movie rightog next door to you. t y who's in it.
10:36 am
william, and joe allen. aen >> sign me up.>> i didn't know what it was aboutt it was an intimate, very humblem little movie lenny was this re really sweet generous gracious g irish man from dublin who justus had this gentle touch on gene t everything. but and you could not tell whata he was crafting. was crafting. like you couldn't see, it was w just this tiny little movie anda then all of a sudden it was dond and it just exploded and tookd a over. i was so proud to part of thishi movie.e. not many people know this. t this was a work of fiction five, six years ago when it was wheit written by emma donahue.. and then it became reality whene those stories started coming oun with the people -- the guy whoho actually that had these women wn prisoner who had babies and so it became so incredibly important now.t this movie is actually there toy tell you this is what's going og out there.he and to kind of help, you know, , inform us. >> what blows my mine your in yr this expanse television show ono sci-fi, you jump from there
10:37 am
the small little low budget fill called room. roo is there -- is that a weird jumj to jump back and forth betweenet the two.e t >> honestly it's like my dream.m like an actors to's dream. dre i'm a huge geek.ue g >> we got to nerd out together sometime.time >> nerd tears, dude.ud >> video games after. after >> assassin's creed.'s creed he voices assassin noses creed d and hey local. this guy is is esom >> so i get to do that.o do tha and then i get to enjoy doing an oscar winning movie like and i mean i'm a classically trained n actor. i had my own shakespeare compana in montreal for 15 years.. i love to dig deep and do thatot type of work, but i have no problems, upping, piloting a spaceship and, what, blastingt, the batter guys and leaping from building to building all overlle the place.plac i love that range. hugh jackman or liam neesen that go from classics to super heroes. why not me? >> thanks for being in d.c. good luke luck at your event tomorrow night.tomo amazing actor. aor. ama
10:38 am
definitely thank you for comingm into the loft. the lt. it's an absolute pleasure to pls meet you mr. anvar. aar >> were you at the state dinnern last night by any chance.ny cha >> i was not.>> i was i just heard about it.. >> justin true dough our primeui minister was there ryan reynoldo was there.ther i just called my publicist.ubci get me in for lunch today. >> invitation is in the male. il >> all right. just curious. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> all right. still ahead at 10:00 we're rourkeing and rolling withli w tucker barnes getting ready fora the rock and roll marathon. we'll check back in with him w next and see if he's made hiss d mind up.nd he doesn't even know what he'soh >> i think he's almost committ committed. he's picking out >> that wasn't >> never mine.t wa >> there he is.>> the >> no, that's not him either.. (laughter). >> ♪
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ guys, i'm co-hosting showin with you guys. you g >> oh, my goodness much this iss the first time i've been able tn do this >> how do you feel.>> how >> amaze.>> who's seat am i in.o'seat a >> this is mine much this ish steve' i'm in for wisdom.. >> good enough to rock marathon. >> we're playing musical chairsr i'm in for wisdom.m. >> i'm in hour folly if you'refr you.yo >> i'm going for erin. >> welcome. it is the most rocking marathonn in the nation the rock and rollr marathon takes over d.c. tomorrow.rrow. morning tens of thousands ofds o runners have signed up to pave p the pavement one of them barring any last minute injuries is ouru very own tucke
10:42 am
>> tucker, he's down at the d.c. armory. >> did he pick out shoes.h >> he's down at the d.c. armoryr in southeast with more on theont race and how he's lacing upacinu those running shoes and how youy can help save a life. good morning, tucker. >> reporter: good morning,ning, annie. absolutely. let me just start by saying i'mn not wearing the shirt so i feelf like i'm officially running. >> you're wearing the shirt so you're running the right, right. >> i'm a game time decision.ecn. i have a happy hour to get to gt tonight. >> it's a fun run. it's >> it's encourage.u if you have a few little pree race jitters we want anything tn make you feel good so that youty come and join.nd >> i got that.t. 24,000 runners this year biggerr and better than ever.n e let's talk about it. everybody has got to come through the dc armory. >> come through here to pick upp your pack much there's lot ofreo great stuff. you can look at shoes and all ae that kind of stuff so many of m our runners run for great reasoa sis year we're so happy to haveh saint jude on board with us 18 different raises, you can talkst to the staffer
10:43 am
saint jude hero and do this for the the kids at saint jude's.ntd >> speaking of wee got a spokesperson here from saintro jude. your name.yourame. >> brandon. >> brandon. tell me about rock and rollnd marathon want it means to sainti jude and how you guys are are involved.ed >> we're so forge fortunate tont be working with the rock and and roll marathon zero years.o yea we have 500 runners will bel b running tomorrow raising money y for saint jus. j >> over quarter million dollarss all right. you guys do anything special tos kind of prepare for the run?un >> absolutely. so we've been working with thish group for the last few months by the time somebody science up for the race we're there with them helping with if you raising andd training and take care of them e on race we want them to haveem to h unbelievable experience.xp a lot of races attractttra experienced runners.experi do you have first time timers. r >> they get a lost first timerse into the t lot of first time time parentsts fun raisers as well as first a f time time participants in thentn race
10:44 am
>> you look like you run littlel bit. have you ever experienced theexe rock and roll marathon here inn d.c. d. >> i have not had the fortune to rock the rock and roll d.c. yett >> you've done some of thesee dt runs. >> i have. >> real quick between you and me war some of the better once. >> rock and roll d.c. it's the great, i used to live here.ive i did it before rock and roll al much it's even better now. n got to do rock and roll lasl vegas the saint jude country cnt music marathon in nashville. >> vegas.. >> vegas, all right. vegas, i'll get on the websitale. >> evening you're you have to dress in velvet.elve >> you got to dress the par as well.we >> yes. yes >> have you ever dressed aseverd elvis. >> not yet.otet we have 21st timers.imer >> i need an official elvisllv running >> that's permitted throughrmite saint jude's.sain >> it's encourage.coe >> you know elvis is from isro >> that is very true. fantastic.fa >> a.m. inform, any last minutet advice to people getting readypp for the big run tomorrow? omorw? obviously wee got 25,000 peoplep here that will be hitting thehe pavement tomorrow. >> we'll have lots of port ot potties out there. there bv
10:45 am
nobody talks about. but everybody wants to know about. abou but here the expo we've goto wet everything you need to know if u you have any questions, we'rens, all armed and ready with wh answers. so as you come pick up your you pack, get i was your questions q out here. we're here to help. to h >> weather once again wille aga cooperate this after running in the cold andnd miserable rain. r >> we lived right this year yea we'll get good weather. >> i love it. thank you very much for talking to us, and congratulations sanes jude raising quarter million q dollars and 500 runners.. that's fantastic. fan >> we're so excited for that.for thank you very >> yes. thank you one and all behind mem >> thank you. >> for playing the part here.ngt all right. that is the latest from d.c. armory, again, rocking roleki rl marathon tomorrow morning. >> 8:30. 8:3 >> race starts atticism 30:00.m0 >> 7:30 a.m.>>:30 take the t join us for all the fun. t f sign up today. not too late.not >> and the end of the race is right here at rfk like last yer year. >> tower of power performing anf we've got finish line food and a beer garden.. so there's no better place to bo on saturday morning.onin >> i know the metro goesro
10:46 am
the start to the the f i may be at the start at the the finish.nish >> cheater. >> not in between. we'll see how oy feel. thank you so m and thanks for inviting us out. d.c. race starts tomorrow 7:30w7 and wet will cooperate. coope erin i hear you're in.e looking forward to it.. >> she's not on the couch. (laughter).aur) >> kevin sitting in for erin.iti he says yes, she's all in. >> thanks, tuck. >> okay.kay. still ahead at 10:00 o'clock,at: singer and actress cassie ventura and p dead bee' bee' girlfriend is teaming up with dash is a polanco for new film f called the perfect match. mat we'll dish about the movie thoso steamy scenes in them. in what it's like to work with terrence jay. jay.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
really think some peoplely t aren't meant to be in't relationships? mla >> i believe everyone is different.ent. >> so you've never been iner be long-term relationship.p >> no. no. you? >> i've never been in a short relationship. >> why are we here?
10:50 am
>> well, i'm not sure you're myr type charlie. chaie but i like that about you.ou >> i'm in the sure you're my type.ty >> really. >> yeah. >> s were your type? >> fun. fun so no strings, correct. >> no strings.o strings >> you might be right. rig maybe i'm not your type. but i want to try something new. something different. it can't be in relationshipatioi right now.ght >> so what are you saying? >> well, i'm saying, keep your phone >> ooh that's reverse psycholo psychology. >> jeddi mound trick.di >> you saw it too, right. >> clip from the perfect match.r may boy named charley is -- hello mur recent convinced that all his serious relationships are meant to be with a business world. he meets the beautiful andif a mysterious eva.erus eva. although the two agreed casualas affair charlie sees the people l around him fin finding everythin
10:51 am
he have wanted in relationshipai world and he starts to want more star. it stars kathy ventura as ava and today is a polanco as thes t wife of one of charlie's bestest friends.frie and joining us now live with more from new york this morning a cassie and dash sha goodha g morning to both of you.oth o >> good morning.rng >> that was really in sync. s >> i know. >> amazing.g. >> like singing group. group okay. so the perfect match it locks m like a fun movie but i'm there might be underlying lessons much cassie, what attracted to you this role? >> well, terrence reached out to me, cassie needs to talk, too.. terrence reach out to me and asked if i would read the script and see if i like it, and i went in and read for it and i love l the script and the story lineryn and what my character represented. so, yeah.ea that's what drew me to it.e >> which is what? we do have dh lot of relationship movies outie
10:52 am
the perfect match and findingma that person person which i think -- everyone inryon relationship would say that'sipw really the ideal. what is it about that in your ir role that really spoke to you? >> i'm sorry.'m can you say that again? i think it's echoing. i'm sorry. >> i was just saying what sg specifically at tracked to that role and the whole notion of finding the perfect match? >> okay. you'll find my character eva is a business woman, she's just about herself.erself you don't get her back story ini the beginning of the film but, um, she comes into the situation with charlie mack who thehe player, doesn't want love,, doe doesn't want awa relationship.ns and she wants to be just as casual as him.s i don't want to give too muche m away, but you don't find that a lot in film and romantic ran comedies and stuff like that.. to where the woman kind of has s that power play position and you know we have the stereotypes okay, well, if a girl wantsto
10:53 am
have a casual relationship withh guy then she is, you know, a slut or she's called a name, you know, and that double standard,d but, you know, this characterer actually kind of squashes thatht notion little bit.noon >> one thing i love by the clipi we just saucon graduations ondus the film the moment she saysheay you're not my type.u'ot but i like that.hat i want try something different.e i'm wondering for you as acto aa and artists in this business,in, something different whatnt w attracts you keep you going andg you talk about how you've made'e that difference to your career? >> is this a question for me? >> i'm sorry, it's echoing soch much i'm trying to -- t >> you can answer it if you cano hear it. you can answer as well. as ll. >> good morning.. >> good morning. mni >> sorry, guys.ry,s >> it's okay. >> no. as far as, um, for me i don'te o know the question applies to meo because acting is what i started in. as far as the role it is new. coming from where orange and gog to go different type of roll. r. it's definitely something that i
10:54 am
would love my acting career to o go towards different type off opportunities to play differente characters.arrs i think that's the beauty of working now in hollywood we're seeing more opportunities.ortuni we're seeing more divert is the. movie is as diverse as possiblei we have newcomers, we have, weav established actors. donald face son we have paula patton for the most part andt ad just the story itself. itself. there's a lot of diversity in the story as different stagesnte one's live in a relationshipatio were you you have a married havr couple. >> the couple having a baby.plea >> all powerful i think that eva, um, ginger, the way the writers portrayedory the women in this film are very powerful. >> powerful. p sure of themselves.l >> for >> which is amazing.g. it's great to be part of a of project represented in such a s positive way. >> dasha you represent thatre married figure in there. t. is tre
10:55 am
sure you give eva in this moviev that you can pass along some ofs that wisdom that you played onyn the screen? for the singlein ladies in the audience. >> definitely. i think eva is in the righta direction in the sense that, yoa know, she -- she took a stand s you're not ready to marry mearrm i'll test the waters and i'll il come back when you're ready.ea marriage is a give and dave a d take. ta you have to you have to -- you can gerot ovr hurdles in marriage without itit having to be drastic orr detrimental to the relationshipi i think it applies in live as aa whole.hole just everything is balance.. >> everything.thg >> you know, eva's characterhart she's so honest with how she feels about whatever it is that she wants to do and she's up front with terrence, charlie, ce about it.t it so, um, there has to be to be something said for person that'a just honest and up front.p fro you can't really -- you can'toun hate.te. >> yeah. you have to respect >> you have to respect it. >> sure t do.o. >> yes. all right. perfect match sounds good.unds g thank you, ladies. >> thank you
10:56 am
>> bye guys. guy >> wonderful weekend. won >> perfect match in theaters right now.t no >> i'm telling you -- >> it's tough to do.s toh to we had questions about diddy. >> i know. kw. o okay. >> they couldn't hear our firstf few questions.few ques >> they couldn't.>> >> getting feedback in their feb ear. >> it's tough when you do theh whsatellite interviews.ervis any way -- >> i asked for fab5pics.5p we'll do them all next, youex y know, next week.k. didn't get to it today.. >> jam packed g gary mcgradyycgy sneaking in here.sneang in >> hey, gary. >> what you doing here.t yo >> i have no idea to be hahnahn >> steve actually is gone. actl i'm now steve. >> he's starting his weekend wee early.rly. we'll see him next week.sem ne >> gary, go.>> g g >> 70 today. it will reach 70. breezy, we're cooler and thelerd weekend it's not a wash out.ut showers coming up on sundayn sda that's about it still mild.ll m still good temperatures.res >> all right.. >> set the clock forward, springford?spri >> that's right.>> i forgot.i that that's what that little l symbol is.symb >> why are you whispering to uso >> we have a big week.ha a b huge
10:57 am
but you don't want to miss it. >> eaglets.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." [ cheers and applause ] >> my girls are always turned out. take it straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: okay. welcome to "wendy," i'm glad you're watching. [ cheers and applause ]


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